Sista Sista has been at the forefront of Women’s fashion for over twenty years.  

With it’s humble beginnings in Sydney Australia, Sista Sista has become a leading fashion online retailer to over 50 countries around the world. Sista Sista’s global client base is growing on a daily basis.

Sista Sista was born out of a love for fashion and for fun.  What we wear, makes a very influential statement about who we are and when we wear clothes that are beautiful, fashionable and comfortable, it brings us happiness and in turn, this makes other people happy.

When beautiful clothing is of a high quality and it is affordable and inexpensive, then it can be enjoyed by nearly all of us. At Sista Sista, we simply adore bringing you, our customers, the latest high quality, fashion garments, at very affordable and reasonable prices!.

So, express your individuality and enjoy your life!  Our expert team at Sista Sista are at hand, to help you with your styling decisions.  Our expert fashion consultants can help you to look your very best.

If you would look help with styling your latest look, or any other information regarding Sista Sista, please contact us, using the contact form below.

Happy shopping!

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